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Drop Dead Cynical

Hello and welcome!
I'm assuming you're here for a roleplay.
I highly doubt many people will come here. But to those who decided to visit my page, let me start by telling you thank you. 
I'm glad to see you've shown an interest in setting something up with me. If you see anything you're interested in please email me!

Before we get started I only roleplay over email.
Here is my email:

Sometimes my email likes to act up, as does my phone. 
Sometimes when I send an email and it says sent, it didn't really send.
And, rarely, my email will sometimes not even get replies that were sent.
So if I go MIA for a few days with no warning, feel free to resend.

I also like to chat outside the roleplay. 
We don't have to. But there it is just in case.

Last Updated: May/04/2017